Palm Oil

At LÉA NATURE, we choose our ingredients with the utmost care, paying attention to product quality and customer satisfaction.  Our quest to make constant improvements has led us to identify the use of palm oil in our products and either eliminate it or replace it with something else.

We replace palm oil with other types of vegetal oils (canola, sunflower, coprah) whenever possible, sometimes mixing them with butter in order to obtain the same elasticity and heat resistance as palm oil, namely for bakery products.  We also try to maintain or improve the nutritional value of our products when we rework their formulation.

Four R&D engineers and two years later, after over 30 trials and review by 20 panels of tasters, palm oil disappeared from all of our Jardin BiO products. Today, we stand proud as the first organic brand in France to offer a complete range of 350 grocery products and fine foods that are palm-oil free.