Animal Testing

LÉA NATURE Takes a Stand Against Animal Testing

Since its inception in 1993, our company has always fought against animal cruelty.  Our products are never tested on animals.  In fact, we were one of the first businesses to ban all raw materials that had been tested on animals from our formulas, even before new regulations to this effect were enacted in 2009.

All raw materials supplied by our suppliers are certified as “not tested on animals”.

Some of our products contain raw materials that come from animals and that are renown for their cosmetic benefits, such as donkey milk, lanolin or honey.  These ingredients are collected with utmost respect for the animals they come from

In order to test our products and provide our consumers with our safety guarantee, we use alternative methods.  For instance, all of our facial skincare products are tested:
dermatologically (through patch tests):  a patch with the product is applied to the skin of our volunteers during 48 hours); ophtamologically:  tested on agarose gel.

We also run efficacy tests on our products (wrinkles, hydration level, diet products, etc.) through usage tests and/or efficacy testing carried out by panels of volunteers.


1 –  LÉA NATURE Products Are not Made in China

LÉA NATURE are not made in China.  All of our skincare products and treatments are manufactured at our headquarters near La Rochelle.  There are a few products for which we do not operate specific production lines, such as makeup packaging, soaps and household deodorants, in which case these processes are handled by French or European subcontractors.  Find out more about our commitment to having our products made in France.


2 – LÉA NATURE is deeply committed to the democratization of organic products, to biodiversity and to the preservation of endangered animal species.

Making healthful products that are free of any substances suspected to be dangerous for the health available to all is part of our company’s genes, and we chose early on to maintain our prices at affordable levels.
LÉA NATURE is the biggest donator in France as member of 1% for the Planet:  since 2007, nine brands of LÉA NATURE have donated over € 5.5 million to environmental organizations that work on preserving biodiversity and safeguarding protected animal species.


3 –  Because we are now present on the Chinese market, our objective is to increase people’s awareness and change their outlook from the inside

In modern day China, demand for quality products that are environmentally-friendly is on the rise.  In developing organic products for Chinese consumers, we are aiming for the democratization of organic goods.  This allows us to take an active part in the evolution of the environmental culture that is developing in China.
Local authorities may carry out some testing on cosmetics imported into the country, even if we disagree.  These tests are random, and are carried out only once.

We are against any such practice, and we are working with our professional trade union (COSMED) and with the members of COSMEBIO to stop this system once and for all, so that the ban on animal testing which has been in force in China for locally produced cosmetics since 2014 also becomes applicable to imported products.