Ecological materials and Renewable Energy

In building LÉA NATURE headquarters, we decided to invest in the latest technological developments as far as materials and renewable energy are concerned.


Ecological Materials



  • Our buildings are made of wood, glass and metal frames. Paints and linoleums are natural. Energy circulation and light diffusion are facilitated by the architecture of the buildings, which are grouped and linked to each other while remaining on a human-scale, thus creating a conducive team spirit.


Renewable Energy



    78 sq.m. of solar cells have been installed throughout the facilities.
    72 sq.m. or these serve to heat sanitary hot water for our production and office facilities, while 6 sq.m. provide sanitary hot water and heating for our logistics department.  The heat produced by solar thermal panels is also used for our floor heating system and for the central air conditioning system.



    This represents up to a 70% savings on heating.
    Heating through a heat pump is referred to as thermodynamics. This concept is based on recuperating free heat from the external environment.  Five aerothermal heat pumps serve to supply our heating systems such as our floor heating or the central reversible air conditioning unit. The total combined power of these heat pumps amounts to 300 kW. They are installed all along our office and laboratory buildings.



    The Canadian well heats or cools air from the outside by 5°C.
    This system was implemented for our new warehouse, and comprises 800 linear meters of piping that is buried at a depth of 2.5 to 3.5 meters, making a 5°C difference in the temperature of the outside air before it hits the air pump.  This allows us to maintain a constant temperature of 18 to 22°C in our 48,000 sq.m. facilities throughout the year.



    610 sq.m. of photovoltaic panels have been installed on our roof, supplying 16% of the energy needed for our logistics warehouse of 10,100 sq.m.
    The sun’s light is directly transformed into electricity thanks to these panels, without producing any noise.  All of the energy produced this way is fed into the EDF (French electrical utility company) network.



    LÉA NATURE has signed a contract with EDF (French electrical utility company) under which 100% of the energy supplied to our facilities comes from renewable sources of energy.