Social Solidarity for All!

LÉA NATURE’s aim is to get its staff members involved in its approach, based on placing people at the heart of all exchanges.  Trust, solidarity and humanism are a priority in internal and external relations in order to facilitate self-fulfillment and equity.


Supporting Local Nonprofit Organizations

LÉA NATURE is involved in various initiatives organized by nonprofit organizations that work to improve social solidarity in France and throughout the world.  The projects we support are often spurred by our own staff members, who promote these initiatives.  In 2014, € 50,000 in cash and €30,000 in products were donated to various organizations dedicated to public health, assistance to people in precarious situations, or initiatives for children.

LÉA NATURE also supports a large number of sports clubs and organizations, which constitute an essential partner in boosting regional dynamism.  Overall, over 250 local and regional sports initiatives are supported by LÉA NATURE.


“Restaurant Ticket” Collections and Fund-raising Drives

LÉA NATURE organizes fund collections that are donated to Restos du Coeur or other nonprofit organizations that help victims of natural catastrophes.  The company matches the total amount collected from staff members.


Blood Drives

LÉA NATURE hosts blood drives 3 times a year and welcomes other business from our commercial zone to join us.



Each year in the month of October, a repurposing sale is organized for free to exchange clothing, toys, books, etc.  Proceeds are donated to an association.


Employees That Get Involved

LÉA NATURE supports projects sponsored by employees to help local nonprofit organizations out in the field.

I was recruited by LÉA NATURE in 2007 and I was also a volunteer at the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux in Charente-Maritime (LPO 17), so I met with management to discuss how we could put my know-how to the service of this organization through skill sharing.  This type of patronage can be twofold:  making means and services available on loan, or detaching an employee (which was my case).  Our management is strongly committed to environmental conservation, and fully supported this project, allowing me to dedicate 12 days of volunteer work to LPO 17 over a 6-month period.

Mainly, I helped the organization establish an inventory of forest birds in Charente-Maritime.  This sponsorship has allowed me to acquire more in-depth knowledge while providing concrete assistance to LPO17.  I was also proud to be a representative of LÉA NATURE’s environmental values.

Team Leader, Production