Our Carbon Emissions

We have been analyzing carbon emissions at our headquarters and production facilities since 2009 in order to determine our carbon footprint and make continuous improvements. Our emissions management system has been verified by ECOCERT since 2013 and has been rewarded with the “Climate Commitment” label for our headquarters in Périgny.



Raw materials

  • Thanks to our “regional producers” policy, we have reduced transportation distances for our Jadin BiO brand:  67 of our ingredients are sourced from the organic sector in France.
  • As far as cosmetics are concerned, we also privilege raw materials that are produced in France whenever possible.


Eco-design for our Packaging

  • 4 types of packaging are used:  80% of our cardboard cases are composed from recycled fibers or sustainably managed forests; recyclable plastics (PE or PET) or recycled plastics (rPET); glass (infinitely recyclable); and bioplastic (sugar cane).
  • In 2013, we acquired a new tool that allows us to carry out comparative environmental studies of our packaging.

98% of our packaging is recyclable.



Management of Production Waste Materials


  • Raw materials packaging:  25kg-sized plastic bags have been replaced with “big bag” models that are recyclable (polypropylene) and that contain from 500 to 1000 kg.  This has allowed us to eliminate 30,600 plastic bags per year, representing 3 tons less of waste materials.
  • Organic waste processing at our Périgny (Charente-Maritime) and Bazens (Lot-et-Garonne) sites is handled by a methane gas plant located in Vendée.
    This has a twofold energetic advantage:  biogas generation (renewable energy) and composting (for use by local farmers).
    That represents an average of 57 tons of organic waste recycled every year.


Responsible Logistics

  • 75% of our shipments are carried out with double deck trucks, which represented 1500 less trucks on the road and contributed to reducing CO2 emissions by 1,300 tons between 2013 and 2014.
  • Improved management of our raw materials and packaging supplies to reduce our incoming flow.
    Increased pooling of our ordering system for our companies and our production sites.
  • Optimized management of incoming, outgoing and inter-facility product flows by ensuring full truckloads at each delivery.


Business Travelvoitures_électriques

  • A Business Travel Plan has been developed since 2009, in partnership with the greater La Rochelle area communities.
  • 73 hybrid vehicles were acquired for our sales team, representing 27% of our fleet.  100% of our sales team has followed eco-driving training.
  • Parking spots for electrical vehicles are equipped with charging stations.
  • Staff may also choose from our six company bicycles.
  • Participation in the inter-business mobility challenge organized by the greater La Rochelle area communities during mobility week, held in September each year.



  • An energy audit was carried out at our headquarters in Périgny in 2011 (next audit in 2016).
  • In 2014, we renegotiated our energy supply contract with EDF (French utility company) to ensure our electricity is supplied from 100% renewable sources of energy as compared to 21% previously.