Caroline and Healthful Plants

Let Me Introduce Myself…

Photo de Caroline, Manager Réglementaire & Formulation chez LÉA NATUREMy name is Caroline Legay and I have a Doctorate in Pharmacy and I am specialized in herbal medicine.
As part of the R&D Department of the LÉA NATURE Group, I am in charge of developing dietary supplements that are essentially plant-based.


My Life As a Researcher

I am in charge of a team that works in three different areas:

  • Regulatory affairs, sourcing and formulation:  choosing raw materials in terms of their performance, in compliance with regulations.  I am also involved in making the initial product in our labs, and then eventually transferring it to the production lines.
  • Management of an interdisciplinary plant department (healthcare, cosmetics and foods) offering a range of support services (purchasing, quality control, formulation) that was created to encourage exchanges and the development of our expertise on plants.
  • Safety:  evaluating the safety of our products, and implementing all the means necessary to warrant product safety.


What Is the Best Part of This Job?

Thinking about product composition, that’s my calling.  I love being part of the choice of plant in terms of the desired effect, and thinking about how active ingredients can be complementary so that our formulas can become more and more natural.


What is challenging in this job?

Verifying the supplier’s guarantee about the safety and efficacy of the active ingredients.

We evaluate the plants in order to ensure we choose vegetal matter that is fully compliant from a regulatory point of view, and recognized as to its efficacy.

From the moment we start sourcing, we privilege suppliers that are the closest to our production sites and we verify the plants when they are delivered.  We compare samples regularly in terms of the levels of active ingredients contained in each batch, also detailed by producer.

Efficacy testing of the products on healthy subjects is carried out by independent laboratories.  That serves to confirm our choice of plants, as well as our selection and combination of active ingredients.


From the Plant to the Dietary Supplement

La santé par les plantesThe choice of a plant is made in terms of the active ingredients it contains, how these are extracted (powder, water, or water/alcohol blend) and how they are used.

After selecting what vegetal matter and extracted active ingredients will go into a product, the formulation and dosage must be determined in terms of packaging, and treatment duration for each dietary supplement.

The formula we come up with at the lab is then tested at the industrial level on a small scale, before launching production for resale.  Since we exclusively work with natural materials that vary in terms of harvests, production areas, processing, and suppliers, we sometimes need to revise the formulation of some of our products.
We also maintain a bibliographical and regulatory watch on the subject of plants, which allows us to further our research and to identify new plants or uses.


What is my biggest achievement?

At Léa Nature, we use all natural materials (starches, gums, vegetal extracts) instead of the usual additives used as preservatives, to add color or to facilitate mechanical processing.  This is a strong point in differentiating our products on this dietary supplements market.