A Few Words from our Experts

Flavors and Organic Products

Photo de Julien, Conseiller aromatique chez LÉA NATURE
Julien, Flavorist

“What I find interesting is creating a link between natural flavors, essential oils and aromatic plants.”

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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Photo de Mathilde, Responsable projet naturopathie et entretien
Mathilde, Manager, Naturopathy and Household Products

“Get the best out of plants.”

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Plants for Better Health

Photo de Caroline, Manager Réglementaire & Formulation chez LÉA NATURE
Caroline, Manager, Regulatory Affairs & Formulation

“…thinking about how active ingredients can be complementary so that our formulas can become more and more natural.”

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Natural and Organic Active Ingredients for Cosmetics

Laurence, Manager de l’équipe R&D Soins Cosmétiques chez LÉa NATURE
Laurence, Manager, Cosmetic Skincare R&D

“Knowing the materials, daring to blend them together differently, using the raw materials for other purposes than those they are originally intended for, remaining curious and on the look out!”

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Organic Cosmetics

Photo de Stéphanie, Responsable développement produits So Bio’ étic et Floressance chez LÉA NATURE
Stéphanie, Manager, So Bio’ étic & Floressance Product Development

“Just like for food, when you switch from conventional to organic makeup, you need to learn a new approach.”

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