The BIOLÉA group of manufacturers

The BIOLÉA group of manufacturers was created in October 2010 by Daniel Gevaert, a well-know agro-ecology advocate, and Charles Kloboukoff, C.E.O. of LÉA NATURE.


BIOLÉA: Strength in Organic Numbers!


BIOLÉA gathers various LÉA NATURE production units, which are all located in France and 100% organic:

  • BPC/Kambio (Gers),
  • BPC/Kambio (Loire), which are both specialized in fresh organic prepared foods;
  • Vitamont (Lot-et-Garonne), the leader in organic fruit juices and specialized shops;
  • Bioviver (Lot-et-Garonne), an organic canning facility.


BIOLÉA offers innovative brand names in food products and beverages, that are dedicated to organic food shops:

  • CARTE NATURE, specializing in fresh prepared foods (pies, pizzas, lunch meals, asian specialties) and a market leader in individually-portioned fresh organic salads;
  • VITAMONT, the leader for organic fruit juices and vegetables;
  • MAMIE BIO, prepared cooked foods and conserves;




BIOLÉA is a grouping of organic producers-processors, that remains family-oriented in its management, and independent from the world of finance. This grouping works to develop organic farming initiatives in France, to maintain production tools, and to support the creation of green jobs throughout the country. Both men shared the same vision of organic agriculture in France, and decided to combine their skills and know-how to create a genuine economic development hub with a sustainable dynamic in the southeast and southwest of France.




If we do not find a way of grouping small organic producers, they will eventually be bought out by big agro-industrial groups.  It was obvious that partnering with Charles Kloboukoff, would help preserve and reinforce the organic farming industry without loosing its core spirit and values.

Alain BRUGALIÈRES, founder of Vitamont and C.E.O. of BIOLÉA.

Companies who join BIOLÉA keep their staff, maintain the independence of their production sites and brands, and continue to carry out their activities within their original geographical areas.

BIOLÉA offers improved financial opportunities, making it possible to consider new development perspectives and to remain 100% organic.  This support contributed to boosting this industry in the face of any takeover plans that conventional industrial or multinational companies may have.

Today, BIOLÉA is managed by Alain Brugalières, who founded Vitamont and joined the grouping in 2011.  BIOLÉA’s mission is to contribute to the development of this industry from the bottom up, and to ensure closer geographical proximity between farming and processing sites.