LÉA NATURE’s Ethics Committee

Ethics are fundamental in everything we do, internally or externally.  Our ethics are based on combining our respect for nature and life with our quest for harmony and sustainability.

Under the CEO’s leadership, the Group has traditionally supported a number of environmental defense associations, as well as international solidarity efforts and pro-child or public health initiatives.


The Role of the Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee was created in 2000 to ensure LÉA NATURE values are upheld.  It serves to provide advice, thoughts and orientation as to Group decisions.  It is independent and is regularly called upon to work with executive management:

  • The committee has the capacity to influence corporate investments and strategic development, and may pose an ethical veto to certain decisions.
  • It determines how local public interest associations in the following fields are funded:  environment, solidarity, sports and culture.
  • It identifies any internal dysfunctions in the company that may be detrimental to human and economic balance and to social cohesion.



The Ethics Committee’s scope of work spans five main areas:
• Environment
• Culture
• International solidarity
• Public health
• Children

It meets on a monthly basis and also manages funding commissions:  1% for the Planet club, sponsorship, and the Foundation.


Members of the Ethics Committee