Charles Kloboukoff: the CEO and Founder

An Entrepreneur with a Mission

Charles Kloboukoff is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of LÉA NATURE.

After obtaining a degree from ESG in Paris, he started a career spanning 10 years in retail chains and nutrition: as Domestic Buyer for the headquarters of Intermarché France, and as Marketing and Commercial Director for Laboratoires Elysée. When he turned 30 years old, he decided to start his own company in February 1993 in Pantin, France, initially named L.É.A. – Institut Vital. The company specialized in natural dietary supplements and herbal medicine. L.É.A. stood for Laboratoire d’Équilibre Alimentaire – balanced nutrition laboratory.

Charles Kloboukoff has always gravitated towards natural products. Both his grand-father and father were fervent adepts of natural medicine, and they passed their knowledge on to Charles. When he started working, he became interested in this market which was facing a downturn at the time, and he intuitively knew that the potential for development was still there. His faith in the future of natural products and their benefits drove him to start his own company with a view to modernizing and revamping their image, while offering them at an affordable price for most people.

When he started L.É.A.-Institut Vital, which was subsequently renamed LÉA VITAL and then LÉA NATURE, he knew he had found his calling: creating natural, healthful products that are intended to improve well-being and making them available to a great majority of customers, as an alternative to the pervasive standardization of mass markets and the agrochemical industry.

Charles celebrated his 50th birthday in 2013, as well as the 20th anniversary of his company, and published his book, “Itinerary of an Entrepreneur with a Mission”, through Leduc.s Editions, where he recounts and shares his experiences during this journey, and his vision of business in the and his vision of business in the 21st century.

As a member of the Entrepreneurs d’Avenir network, he hopes to restore the image society now has of businesses in general: “creating companies that are less anonymous with less limitations on liability.”


Portrait de Charles Kloboukoff, PDG du Groupe Léa Nature

“The core of my vision nowadays, is to find out how companies can be emancipated, that is how they can have a responsible approach to the management of their activities and of their impact, not only on a social and environmental scale, but also through their contribution to their respective communities as businesses.”
Charles Kloboukoff
CEO and Founder, LÉA NATURE

Career Milestones for Charles Kloboukoff

  • 1993: Creation of L.É.A. – INSTITUT VITAL in Pantin, France – L.É.A. stands for « Laboratoire d’Équilibre Alimentaire »
  • 2007: Marianne d’Or de l’Environnement award
  • 2008: Town Council Member (no political affiliation) for the Town Hall of La Rochelle, and President of the RTCR (Régie des transports communautaires – public transportation authority) until 2014
  • 2009: EY Entrepreneur of the Year for green business awarded by Ernst & Young
  • 2011: Member of the Entrepreneurs d’Avenir network
  • 2013: Itinéraire d’un entrepreneur engagé (preface by Pierre Rabhi and Isabelle Autissier) is published by Editions Leduc.s
  • 2014: Made Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite (decree dated 14 May) – French National Order of Merit