The Notes en Vert Festival

Affiche-Notes-en-Vert-2017A Festival To Raise Environmental Awareness

The Notes en Vert Festival was first held in 2012 and cofounded by LÉA NATURE/JARDIN BiO Foundation.  It is a festive, welcoming and family-oriented event about biodiversity and environmental citizenship.

This festival is aimed at raising awareness on environmental issues;  it highlights the work of local environmental and sports nonprofit organizations supported by LÉA NATURE, offers fun and educational activities for all ages, and also features an organic crafts and products market and musical performances in the evening.

The Nature Village gathers about twenty nonprofit organizations that offer a number of activities focusing on local associations and cultural initiatives:

nature – environmental conservation associations offer activities such as insect catcher vacuums, beehives, repotting, farm animals;
sports – zip-lining, climbing wall, archery, tree climbing;
arts – music performances, photography studio, young talent promotion concerts, manual activities;
relaxation – earthing (walking barefoot), shiatsu, tai chi, reflexology, yoga.

The Natural and Organic Arts and Crafts Market features local shops and businesses who wish to promote their products and services, such as natural living, clothing, accessories, crafts and repurposing, health and well-being, organic foods and wines.

Musical performances also take place in the evening during the Festival.


The Notes en Vert Festival is a celebration of diversity in all of its forms (ecological, cultural and social) combined with environmental citizenship.