Our Foundation




The LÉA NATURE/JARDIN BiO foundation was established during the Spring of 2011, under the auspices of Fondation de France.  Its objective is to promote nature conservation and to reduce the impact of our damaged environment on our health.
It primarily supports general interest initiatives: the link between the environment and health, food self-sufficiency, and access to seeds.


Missions and Actions

The LÉA NATURE/JARDIN BiO Foundation’s general mission is to raise awareness about environmental conservation and biodiversity with the population and with politicians, in the best interest of future generations.  To this effect, it takes a clear stand:  renown experts are invited to take part in our Environmental conference, environmental associations and speakers are convened to our Festival Notes en Vert event (link to the Festival Notes en Vert page), advocacy through national press campaigns, fundraising, petition signing, actions in partnership with schools.



The foundation is administered by an executive committee that is structured around two sub-committees:  the first includes the employees and executives of LÉA NATURE and the second gathers environmental experts.  Catherine Kloboukoff, President of the Foundation, and Marina Poiroux, Director of the Foundation, ensure that funds raised are managed and used soundly, with the assistance of a representative from Fondation de France who sits in on the committee.