2016 Environmental Conference

Coup de projecteur


Matthieu Ricard, Guest of Honor at the “Nature and Benevolence” Environmental Conference

Fondation LÉA NATURE/Jardin BiO held an environmental conference in La Rochelle on March 18, 2015 focusing on “Nature and Benevolence.”

This year, the Foundation was honored by the presence of Matthieu Ricard, a Tibetan Buddhist monk who is the Dalaï Lama’s translator.  He holds a Ph.D. in cell genetics, and is a philosopher, a writer of numerous books, a photographer, and the founder of Karuna-Shechen, a nonprofit organization that implements humanitarian projects in Himalayan regions.    He recently published Three Friends in Search of Wisdom in collaboration with philosopher, Alexandra Jollien, and psychiatrist, Christophe André.

After his presentation, a common meditation was conducted with the audience, as well as a question and answer session.

Following the conference, Matthieu Ricard held a book signing and sale at the Calligrammes bookstore in La Rochelle.  Books he has authored include:  Plaidoyer pour les animaux (In Defense of Animals), Plaidoyer pour l’altruisme (In Defense of Altruism), Plaidoyer pour le bonheur (In Defense of Happiness), and The Monk and the Philosopher, his last book written in collaboration with another author.  He has also published some magnificent photographic books:  Visages de paix (The Faces of Peace), Terre de sérénité (Land of Serenity), Hymne à la beauté (Hymn to Beauty), 108 sourires (108 Smiles).
The proceeds from the sale of these books is donated to Karuna Shechen.


The Environmental Conference in Terms of the LÉA NATURE’s Corporate Approach

As has been the case each year since 2007, Fondation Léa Nature / Jardin BiO organizes this very successful conference, which objective is to raise awareness of environmental issues with the general public, inhabitants of La Rochelle and LÉA NATURE staff members.  The Foundation invites inspiring advocates who are renowned in their respective fields for sharing their knowledge and reaching out to people.  In the past nine years, we have welcomed Philippe Desbrosses, Gilles-Éric Séralini, Pierre Rabhi, Coline Serreau, Jean-Marie Pelt, Denis Cheissoux, Nicolas Hulot, Corinne Lepage and Paul Watson.