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1% for the Planet Is Opening a French Branch to Boost Its Development

From now on, this organization has an equivalent structure in our country with the special “1% for the Planet France” club, also structured as a nonprofit, whose first president is Charles Kloboukoff, CEO and Founder of Léa Nature, member since 2007, and one of the leading donators in France. “I am truly honored to be the president of the 1% for the Planet France club.  I will do my best to contribute to its development, in particular in promoting the adoption of this cause with other businesses.  I am not waiting for the government to establish an environmental tax to starting acting, I am already paying my contribution.  In my opinion, this is the very calling of a business:  it must make a significant social, citizen and environmental contribution.

Charles Kloboukoff, CEO and Founder, Groupe LÉA NATURE

In line with its primary mission, and for more effective funding of its actions out in the field, the French branch will be organizing a number of meetings with “sponsors/stakeholders in the field” based on a thematic approach (biodiversity, oceans, etc.).  These organizations will therefore be directly connected to a number of philanthropic entrepreneurs, to which they will be able to give a seven-minute pitch of their project in the hopes of obtaining pledges.

1%for the Planet, was co-founded in the United States by Yvon Chouinard, the founder and owner of Patagonia, and an international network of companies (1,200 members in 40 countries) who have chosen to contribute 1% of their annual income to environmental initiatives.  France is the most active country after the United States, with 80 member companies who contributed Euro 3 million in 2014 to environmental philanthropy.

To be noted:  LÉA NATURE was the first organic food manufacturer to join 1% for the Planet.  Nine of the company’s brands contribute 1% of their total sales to the planet:  Jardin BiO, Verger Bio, SO’BiO étic, Biovie, Natessance, Lift’Argan, Eau Thermale Jonzac, Ile de Ré, and Naturesystem.  Since 2007, Euro 5.5 million have been donated to fund 700 environmental initiatives.