Reforestation: 2016 Report and Objective

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Reforestation: LÉA NATURE Has Planted 700,000 Trees in the World

Through its commitment to 1% for the Planet, LÉA NATURE has been supporting reforestation as well as forest conservation projects since 2007 in Asia, Latin America, Africa and France.  This commitment has been reinforced since 2012 with the objective of planting 1,000,000 trees by 2020, in order to compensate for the company’s carbon footprint and to reduce  global warming.  This is a further reflection of LÉA NATURE’s climate commitment.  The company has been tracking its carbon emissions since 2009 and has carried out a number of actions to reduce greenhouse gases.

Reforestation : la forêt de LÉA NATURE compte 700 000 arbres

Trees offers several advantages:
environmental: they trap carbon dioxyde, prevent erosion, preserve and regenerate soils and ecosystems, preserve water resources, contribute to regulating precipitation, prevent droughts, help increase groundwater storage;
social: increase and diversification of farm income, increase in harvest yields, reduction of crop dependence, food self-sufficiency, pride and social cohesion.

Renewal of our support to reforestation projects during 2015:

• Nature Environnement 17/Gab 17 in Charente-Maritime
• Canopée reforestation in Nord-Pas-de-Calais
• Reboiser in Madagascar
• Nebeday in Senegal
• Planète Urgence in Haiti
• Planète Urgence in Borneo (Indonesia)
• Ishpingo in Ecuador
• Pur Projet in Peru
• Pur Projet in Honduras
• Pur Projet in Thailand
• Pur Projet in Sumatra (Indonesia)


Newly supported initiatives in 2015 :

• Kinomé in Gabon
• Cœur de Forêt in Madagascar
• Initiative Développement in the Yunnan province of China
• Cœur de Forêt in Flores (Indonesia)


Zooming in on reforestation projects in Indonesia:  57,500 trees planted by LÉA NATURE

PUR PROJET in Sumatra at Aceh Tengah:  120 farmers involved, 10,000 trees planted.
Planète Urgence in Borneo in the Mahakam Delta (Kalimantan): 18 families of fishers were involved during 2015 and 32,500 trees were planted.
Cœur de Forêt in Flores at Tanawolo: 4,000 beneficiaries and 15,000 trees planted.


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