Employee Well-Being

LÉA NATURE promotes employee well-being and aims to develop the best practices in helping staff achieve balance in their personal and professional lives.
A number of actions to facilitate exchanges and social bonding are organized in-house.


Employee Benefitscollaborateurs-Léa-Nature

  •  Inter-company day care: 20 spots are reserved for the children of company staff
  • Top-up health insurance: covered by the company up to 95%
  • Access to a number of sports and cultural events sponsored by LÉA NATURE
  • Profit-sharing plan:  profit-sharing, bonuses, performance-based incentives
  • Staff members can buy into the company starting in 2012:  nearly 60% of our staff members have chosen to invest in our Company
  • Savings Plan
  • Humanitarian vacation plans
  • Van available on loan for employees that are moving


Balanced Work Schedules

  • 92 staff members (including management level) have chosen to work part-time to achieve a better balance of their personal and professional lives.  6.5% of these are men.
  • Flexible scheduling for the first day of school, and year-end celebrations.
  • Flexible work hours for staff members nearing retirement age.


Staff Well-being

  • Weekly yoga and pilates classes
  • Photography and sewing classes
  • Zen relaxation room for breaks
  • Company bicycles are available to staff members wishing to go on a ride for their lunch break


People-Oriented Business Environment

  • Employee dinners with organic food organized consecutively every other month by each department
  • Inter-departmental diners organized annually
  • Organic breakfast pastries are offered once a month
  • Flowers sent for weddings and births
  • Vegetal gift in the springtime
  • Christmas party
  • Advocacy film projections to raise awareness with staff members






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