Making Progress with ISO 26000 Guidelines

La norme ISO 26000 donne les lignes directrices relatives à la Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises* (RSE) ; elle s’articule autour de 7 questions centrales et 36 domaines d’actions. C’est une approche globale qui prend en compte les hommes, la société, l’environnement et les interactions entre les parties prenantes.

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Marketing, information, contracts
Protecting consumer health and safety
Sustainable consumer habits
After-sales service, providing support and solutions in case of litigation
Protecting consumer personal life and data
Access to essential services
Educating and awareness-rasing

Fighting corruption
Responsible political activism
Fair competition
Promoting social responsibility within the sphere of influence
Respecting intellectual property

The workplace and employee-employer relations
Work conditions and social benefits
Labor relations
Occupational health and safety
Human resources development and training

Obligation to remain on the look out
Situations presenting a threat to human rights
Preventing collusion
Putting an end to human rights violations
Discrimination and exposed population groups
Civic and political rights
Economic, social and cultural rights
Fundamental right to work

Strongly rooted in the community
Education and culture
Job creation
Continuing education
Technological development
Wealth and income generation
Public health
Investing in society

Preventing pollution
Using sustainable resources
Adopting to and fighting against climate change
Protecting and restoring natural environmental conditions

ISO 26000 guidelines were retained to boost our social and environmental responsibility efforts. In taking this approach, we wish to:

  • Involve our staff members in innovative and ecological projects;
  • Improve our practices by analyzing the impact of our activities and decisions on society and the environment at all levels of our business;
  • Facilitate exchanges with our stakeholders and making them aware of the challenges of CSR.

CSR deployment is overseen by our CSR Orientation and Piloting Committee.

Our CSR* practices have been rated as “Excellent” by ECOCERT 26000 since 2013.  This welcomed recognition of how far we have come has boosted us in seeking to take our commitments and actions even further.

* Audit scope: headquarters and industrial premises located in Périgny (17)


Group Politics

Quality and performance

  • Safety of our products for public health
  • Control over our supply chains
  • Product innovation and improvement
  • Attention to customer feedback
  • Performance management

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Economic performance and profit sharing
  • Developing socially responsible labor relations
  • Supporting local nonprofit organizations to promote exchanges
  • Contributing to improved standard of living
  • Funding strong environmental sponsorship
  • Environmental awareness-raising with staff members and the general public
  • Sharing our values to add meaning

Safety – Environnement – Climate Commitment

  • Improving occupational health and safety
  • Improving resource management: water, electricity, raw materials
  • Fighting against global warming and reducing our carbon footprint
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