How We Develop Our CSR policy

LÉA NATURE was founded in 1993 with a view to contributing to a better and more harmonious world through the creation of products that are respectful of mankind and of the environmentThis calling eventually became formalized through 10 core values that now serve to guide the Group in its quest.

In line with our desire to remain true to our beliefs, we created an Ethics Committee in 2000 to safeguard our core values and corporate vision. Our increasing awareness of sustainable development objectives has spurred us to lead concrete environmental, social and corporate actions, in compliance with ISO 26000 standards starting in 2011, to organize and boost our CSR policy.



  •    Four fundamental values right from the start:  pioneering spirit, responsibility, environmental advocacy, solidarity.



  • Creation of the LÉA NATURE Ethics Committee.
  • First Environment Day.



  • Renewable energy solutions are deployed at LÉA NATURE.



  • First advocacy campaign by Fondation LÉA NATURE/Jardin BiO.
  • Our brands Jardin BiO, Lift’Argan and Natessance become members of 1% for the Planet.
  • First IFS certification for our food products.



  • Creation of the new “head of sustainable development projects” management position.
  • First carbon emissions analysis at LÉA NATURE.



  • Creation of the BIOLÉA grouping of manufacturers for the preservation of the organic agriculture sector in France.
  • First IFS certification for health products.



  • Internal assessment of our CSR practises with application of ISO 26000 standards.
  • Identification of LÉA NATURE stakeholder and definition of LÉA NATURE’s sphere of influence.
  • Creation of Fondation LÉA NATURE/JARDIN BiO under the auspices of the Fondation de France.
  • Two life-cycle analyses are carried out.



  • Identification of expectations deriving from an external assessment of our CSR policy.
  • Recruitment of a Pilot Director and Pilot Deputy Director through central query.
  • Development of a piloting tool for CSR actions.
  • Profit-sharing plan is implemented for staff members.




  • Deployment of the CSR action plan.
  • External assessment of our CSR policy which is rated Excellent (3 stars) from ECOCERT 26000.
  • External assessment for our climate policy and delivery of Climate commitment certification from ECOCERT.
  • Implementation of auditor’s recommendations.
  • Internal communication about our ECOCERT 26000 assessment level and our climate policy.
  • Redefinition of our direct sphere of influence and hierarchization of our stakeholders.


  • Revision of our CSR governance:  creation of CSR task forces per line of business to answer the 7 central questions.
  • Formalization of LÉA NATURE’s 10 core values.



  • First orientation committee to identify priorities in CSR deployment
  • Creation of the Biopôle
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