Sustainable Growth

Ever since its foundation, LÉA NATURE has contributed to establishing a new natural and organic production model, that is affordable, efficient and profitable. It is pursuing its development in terms of sustainable dynamics at the very heart of the southeast and southwest of France.




A Positive Impact on Employment


In 22 years, LÉA NATURE created 880 jobs and contributed to developing positive economic performance with yearly sales growing steadily.

With a view to facilitating employment conditions in our area, we reach out to schools and job seekers by organizing open house days at our headquarters:  once a month, we welcome visitors and offer a guided tour of our facilities to school children, professional organisations and associations, or regional schools we are partnering with.  We also take part in 5 professional recruitment trade shows per year.

Throughout the year, we also work with 6 local nonprofit occupational reinsertion organisations to fill food and cosmetic boxes (25,000 boxes prepared in 2014), promotional sticker application, or the assembly and wrapping of gift boxes.  In 2014, this partnership amounted to 12,000 hours of work (or 240 days).

We also privilege partnerships with raw material and external suppliers that are located close to LÉA NATURE headquarters or production facilities.



Development of the Organic Industry


LÉA NATURE’S objective is the sustainable development of French organic, agro-ecological and local agriculture with a view to social solidarity.



Since its inception in 1993, the Group has chosen is raw materials suppliers in terms of sustainability and social solidarity, by privileging partnerships with local producers and cooperatives.

LÉA NATURE collaborates with nearly 800 organic farmers in France, through cooperatives.  This approach facilitates the expansion of organic farmland and increased biodiversity.  The Group also works with 11 non European organizations of certified organic and fair-trade producers.

Since 2014, 80% of our raw materials supplied are organic, 57% of which come from the French organic industry.



In order to highlight our “Made in France” products, we have added a “Producteurs Régionaux” logo to our Jardin BiO brand packaging since 2010.  This logo allows consumers to know that 70 to 100% of the ingredients used to make our products are made and/or produced in France.


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