LÉA NATURE’s story

Discover Léa Nature’s story from 1993 to 2017



  • Construction of the Biopôle.
  • The Jardin BiO gluten-free line is launched.
  • Vitamont celebrates its 30th anniversary.
  • Awareness-raising campaign by the Foundation for plastic-free oceans.



  • The ILE DE RÉ® brand of cosmetics is launched.
  • Acquisition of Alpha Nutrition, a manufacturer of gluten-free products.
  • The COMPAGNIE BIODIVERSITÉ holding company takes a majority stake in Ekibio.
  • Awareness-raising campaign on seed freedom by the Foundation.



  • Twentieth anniversary of LÉA NATURE.
  • Creation and launch of Secrets de Léa, a new brand of organic cosmetics made with French ingredients.
  • SO’BiO étic Baby®, a baby-care line, is launched.
  • Conference on the Environment held with Nicolas Hulot.
  • Press campaign by Fondation LÉA NATURE / JARDIN BiO for a greener CAP (common agricultural policy) in association with the Fondation Nicolas Hulot.
  • Ecocert 26000 certification for excellence in CSR and Climate Commitment.
  • Charles Kloboukoff’s book, Itinéraire d’un Entrepreneur Engagé (itinerary of an entrepreneur with a mission), is published.



  • LÉA NATURE becomes the umbrella brand for all of its sub-brands.
  • LÉA NATURE is seen on TV along with Jardin BiO’, SO’BiO étic® and Floressance, with the « engagé de nature » (dedicated to nature) slogan.
  • The SO’BiO étic® Donkey Milk line is launched.
  • Press campaign on pesticides, in association with Générations Futures.
  • The first Notes en Vert Festival is held in Périgny (Charente-Maritime, France), featuring a nature village and world music.
  • Construction of a new 3,000-square-meter logistical warehouse.



  • The Eau Thermale JONZAC brand is launched under a partnership with the town of Jonzac (Charente-Maritime, France) and becomes the first line of organic dermocosmetics containing thermal spring water.
  • Creation of Fondation LÉA NATURE / JARDIN BiO.
  • Vitamont enters the Bioléa group.
  • LÉA NATURE buys into Ekibio.



  • SO’BiO étic® is the first brand of organic cosmetic available in retail chains.
  • The Asie Jardin BiO’ line is developed.
  • The Bioléa group of manufacturers is created, and welcomes two companies specializing in prepared fine foods: Kambio and Bio Par Cœur.



  • Biovie is launched, and becomes the first brand of eco-friendly household products available in retail chains.
  • Our line of organic skincare products for men is launched – SO’BiO étic® for men only.
  • The Jardin BiO’ line of single-portion ready meals is launched.
  • The Research and Development Department of the headquarters is further extended by another 2,000 square meters.



  • SO’BiO étic®, our brand of organic cosmetics and personal care products becomes available in retail chains.
  • Press campaign against GMOs.
  • Jardin BiO’ Soja is launched, featuring soy-based food products.



  • Group brands become members of the 1% for the Planet Club.  1% of total sales is donated to environmental groups.
  • The first press campaign about bees is launched.



  • Continuing development of organic fair-trade products with our Jardin Bio’étic cosmetics and our cotton products.
  • Organic fruit is offered for free to our staff at headquarters.
  • A new expansion of the headquarters is started to increase the total surface to 20.000 square meters, using exclusively eco-friendly materials.
  • Renewable sources of energy are rolled out:  earth-to-air heat exchangers, solar and photovoltaic panels, heat pumps.



  • Le Jardin Biologique is renamed Jardin Bio’ and the first organic and fair-trade certified food products are launched.
  • The first paraben-free cosmetics that contain no petrochemicals whatsoever are developed with argan oil:  Lift’Argan.



  • A line of organic Natessance baby care products is launched.



  • Our first certified organic brand of cosmetics is launched:  Natessance.



  • Floressance launches the first natural vitamines for distribution in retail chains.
  • La Maison de Léa is launched, offering a new line of fragrances for the home.
  • Le Jardin Biologique launches a new line of spices, including some fair-trade products.



  • Additional extension to the headquarters, which now cover 11,000 square meters in total.
  • The Celluli-Control line by Floressance is launched.
  • A new line of Laboratoires Léa Nature pink clay products is launched.



  • Acquisition of La Maison de Fleurance and the Viver organic cannery.
  • The new line of Entouka organic products for children is launched.
  • The Thalasso line of cosmetic products is launched.
  • Organization of the first Day for the Environment for Group staff members.
  • Creation of the ethics committee.



  • The cosmetics line is further developed with the launch of the first facial skincare products.
  • After developing its bakery and confectionery unit, Le Jardin Biologique introduces healthcare products.
  • Move to the new industrial premises in Périgny, covering 7,000 square meters.
  • Acquisition of Silhouette nutritional products.



  • Expansion of the Le Jardin Biologique bakery and confectionery unit.
  • Creation of Laboratoires Léa Nature which distributes natural cosmetic and skincare products.
  • A new line of essential oils and clay skincare products is launched.



  • Investment in the first production line to package organic products as well as gelcaps and capsules.



  • The headquarters of the company move to La Rochelle, France, with a warehouse in the nearby commercial zone of Périgny.
  • La Fleur de Beauté is launched, the first brand of natural cosmetics including oils and soaps.



  • The first brand of organic foods, Le Jardin Biologique, is launched and includes spices and organic herb teas.



  • Floressance, a brand of herbal medicine supplements, is launched.


  • Foundation of LÉA-INSTITUT VITAL.
  • L.É.A. stands for  Laboratoire d’Equilibre Alimentaire (balanced nutrition laboratory).
  • The first products are distributed to Leclerc supermarkets (under the Amphorm brand name), as well as Décathlon sporting goods, Marionnaud beauty shops, Parasanté drugstores.
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