Research and Innovation

10% of our human resources and 7% of our financial resources are dedicated to sourcing, research, development, formulation and quality across all lines of business.

The extraction of natural, organic and renewable ingredients in a respectful and balanced way leads us naturally to resist the temptation of tending towards standardized flavors, fragrances, consistencies and even colors.  We are also committed to this fight so that our senses may once again enjoy well-being, food safety, and sheer pleasure of the palate.

The level of quality of our ingredients and formulas remains at the very core of our strategy and of our positioning as a business.  We carefully select only the most ecological ingredients, that are the most respectful of people’s health and safety.



R&D:  FOOD AND NUTRITIONRecherche-et-développement-alimentaire

This type of research requires in depth knowledge of each ingredient, and of the technology, packaging and industrial tools that are necessary to develop the right product at the right time.  Each of our R&D researchers is in charge of a specific technological scope, overseeing all related projects concerning innovations and improvements.



Thanks to a permanent health watch, our experts on herbal medicine develop formulas that are exclusively based on plants and natural ingredients. The botanical and geographical selection process of vegetal ingredients allows us to guarantee their origin and source.  Plants are processed with methods that preserve the full efficacy of the active ingredients they contain.  Our know-how is completed by our product development, which is always free of any additives or synthetic ingredients regardless of the type of formulation:  gelcaps, tablets, capsules, herbal teas and concentrated liquids.



Perfect knowledge and expertise of the vegetal world and extraction methods have enabled our cosmetics R&D teams to develop natural extracts that are loaded with the purest forms of active ingredients. Efficacy testing is carried out with alternative methods both on the ingredients and on the finished products.

Our natural, certified organic, skincare products offer the same sensory qualities and technical performances as conventional products, but in a perfectly safe and symbiotic way. Our formulas are safe and harmless because we exclude any and all components that could be an irritant or simply toxic, such as parabens, ethylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone and paraffin.


Sourcing: a Job That Is Dedicated to Innovation

Our teams are in charge of sourcing ingredients, carrying out a diagnostic analysis (agricultural, technological, social and environmental), and implementing projects to structure the various stages of processing (organization of manufacturers, transformation teams, etc.).



  • Valuing biodiversity.
  • Facilitating the development of organic agriculture and fighting against the main obstacles to be overcome (GMOs, pesticides, etc.).
  • Encourage complete food independence for producers.
  • Maximizing added value within the country of production by promoting the use of co-products (deriving value from any parts of the ingredient that remain unused, i.e., argan pulp, which is usually discarded, but which contains some interesting active ingredients for use in cosmetics).
  • Guaranteeing that resources are sustainably managed (harvesting the exact amount necessary, privileging renewable resources, etc.)
  • Encouraging long-term partnerships with our suppliers.
  • Preserving threatened eco-systems and favoring improved economic conditions for local populations.




As a result of its policy to reshore its supply chains, LÉA NATURE purchases 67 of its ingredients from organic sources in France, and works with 800 crop, plant, fruit, and legume farmers located near our production facilities.






Sourcing cosmetic and health/nutrition products is based on four main concepts:  naturalness, efficacy, safety, and eco-friendliness.
Because we are constantly seeking to develop short circuits that allow us to maintain a direct bond with the producers, over 30 of our cosmetic ingredients come from regional sources located in the Poitou-Charentes or Drôme regions, or near Grasse.
The development of exotic vegetal active ingredients also contributes to protecting threatened ecosystems through the implementation of sustainable development initiatives in collaboration with local producers.





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